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Effective teamwork is the key to the successful development of any business. Today, in the era of startups, this is more relevant than ever. After all, more and more people are launching their projects, wanting to bring unique ideas to life. Proper organization of work processes is an important component to achieve the desired result. And today it is impossible to create an effective team without the use of digital tools.

The market offers a larger selection of corporate messengers and task managers for organizing and optimizing work. You can try each of them to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages. But you’ll have to spend a lot of time. It is much more reasonable to start using popular management applications that have already proven effective. Let’s take a look at some of these platforms. All of them have millions of active users worldwide!


Slack is a corporate messenger with millions of active users from all over the world. Small IT teams and large companies choose the application for organizing remote work. Why Slack? It is a multifunctional business tool for communication and individualization. Here are Slack’s key advantages over the competition:

  • Free version with small restrictions on the number of users
  • Integration with third-party applications

If you have just launched a startup, then you are unlikely to have extra finances. Funds for the purchase of digital products are most likely not available. By choosing Slack, you don’t have to pay to start using it. You can choose from 3 paid plans once your business starts to turn a profit and you start adding staff. Such a pricing policy is very convenient for small teams at the very beginning.

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Integration with third-party applications is a key feature of Slack, which makes the project so popular among users. The Slack app directory offers over 2500 third-party integrations to install. All of them are divided into large categories to make it easier for you to find the app you need:

  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Design
  • Tourism, etc.

Installing third-party applications allows you to create a new working environment that’ll meet all the requirements of your business. In fact, you organize your own working environment with all the tools you need for the successful development of a startup. It is very convenient and efficient. No wonder Slack is so popular among remote teams!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the next popular workflow platform. Surely you already know very well that Microsoft has its own functional ecosystem with many tools to work with. It is integrated into Microsoft Teams. In fact, you can take full advantage of the ecosystem from a single workspace for your project.

Create public and private chats. Share files, make video calls, discuss new ideas in video conferences, edit documents at the same time, and more. Microsoft Teams is a great solution for young and ambitious teams at the very beginning of their journey. In addition, there is also a free version here. It has the same functionality with a few limitations.

You have the option to install third-party applications. Yes, Microsoft Teams also supports integration with other projects. Use one of the popular VoIP services if standard communication tools are not enough for you. For example, Microsoft 365 business voice SMS greatly enhances the communication capabilities of your business phone. Send text messages to partners or clients, set up call forwarding, communicate in audio conferences, and more. Communication possibilities are practically unlimited.

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Trello is a popular task manager. It helps to manage projects online. The platform organizes work using kanban boards. Why should you pay attention to the project?

Trello is the simplest tool compared to other closest competitors. You can easily integrate it into your workflow without spending a lot of time on team adaptation.

The structure of Trello is made up of boards. They are divided into lists with cards. Each of the boards can be allocated to specific workflows or departments. Assign tasks and deadlines, monitor the achievement of goals, discuss new ideas and share your opinions. Trello is a hassle-free, visualized online project management.

But simplicity is not the only advantage of the platform. Trello offers the full version of the app for free. Naturally, the functionality will be somewhat limited. The number of integrations and the size of uploaded files will be limited. And yes, you won’t be able to make custom board backgrounds either. But the latter does not affect the work processes of a startup in any way. A few more words about integration. Trello allows you to install third-party apps. Their number depends on the version you have chosen.

Trello is a great solution for those who don’t want to go deep into teamwork in the early stages of business development. The product has all the necessary tools for working and managing business processes.


Jira is the last enterprise tool in the article. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad. The platform is great for creating a to-do list, tracking the overall progress of a team, and resolving different issues.

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The application uses kanban and scrum boards. They have long been proven effective for organizing tasks. But these principles are supplemented by a mass of auxiliary mechanisms. They make things easier, add new features, fix bugs, and more.

It is important to note that Jira is tailored for IT. However, it can be easily used for other projects as well. Just keep in mind, that there are many specific features. They are must-have useful for IT specialists.

Like the previously discussed task managers, Jira has a free version. It is perfect for a beginner project. The free version of the application has a limit on the number of team members and the number of saved files. To remove them, you need to pay a subscription.


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