Essential TikTok Stats To Build An Effective Marketing Campaign


More people flock to TikTok to watch amazing videos, express their creativity and mark their name on TikTok. Now, the worldwide TikTok users are more than 1 billion, and with the increasing younger user base, it has emerged as the essential platform for marketers. TikTok’s growth will be unexpected in the upcoming years, and taking advantage of this platform will provide many new opportunities. First, however, to optimize the strategy, it is crucial to get a clear perspective about TikTok. Fortunately, TikTok statistics aid you to confine your strategy and make the necessary changes to succeed in the TikTok market. Take a look at this article to know the crucial statistics to change the strategy for the upcoming marketing campaign and make your content go viral.

Trollishly: More Than 55% Of Users Are Between The Age 18 And 24 Years

Probably, everyone knows that most of the TikTok users are Gen z’s that are ages ranging from 18 and 24 years. Many younger audiences are addicted to this platform, and more conversations are going around it. TikTok’s relatively new features are attracting users and making them explore their talents. As most active users are aware of TikTok, it is crucial to use the specific strategy to bring new prospects. It is booming the market and opens a new gateway for brands to strategically connect with the audience. It builds a long-lasting relationship with loyal customers by quickly reaching them. Moreover, taking advantage of this stat, it is best to look for the ways to know how to buy likes and followers on tiktok to build brand credibility and boost customer engagement. In this way, you can encourage your audience to look over your business profile and increase sales.

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TikTok Conquers 62% US Youngsters

Even though there are more social media apps, TikTok has touched the hearts of many youngsters by providing what they exactly want. Well, in a short period, it has exploded as the best social media app among US youngsters and ruling their life. The app’s creativity and the freedom to showcase users’ talents have attracted users and stayed as a unique platform by satisfying users’ needs. Many youngsters on TikTok are posting their amusing dancing, singing, or lip-syncing to their favorite sounds. As this stat clearly explains how it conquers the minds of the youngsters, make your way to be more successful by posting more engaging content.

Influencers Increased Engagement Rate By 18%

TikTok influencers have the capability to build the community for your brand. Influencer marketing on TikTok is one of the reliable strategies to improve the engagement rate. Most brands collaborate with influencers and experience that the engagement rate has increased by 18%. This surprising stat will help you to garner new followers and encourage them to try your brand. It’s proven that investing in a niche influencer is worthwhile to drive more sales. However, to turn the leads to a profitable income generator partner with the trust paid service like Trollishly. As a result, you can assure the tremendous growth of your brand by increasing its visibility.

TikTok App Downloaded More Than 2 Billion Times

As more viral trends are popping up on TikTok, it creates a good impression among more people, and many have downloaded this app. Its blend of creativity, entertainment, and fun has taken it to a new level. As per the research, TikTok was the most downloaded app and impacted more users to download it. In August 2020, it was downloaded 2 billion times and was expected to increase in the future. So, by tracking the number of downloads of this platform, it is wise to download it for your marketing purpose and stay ahead of the competition.

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TikTok Is The More Entertaining And Top Revenue Generating App

TikTok stat suggested that TikTok will be the most entertaining and revenue-generating app in February 2021. Its unveiling potential of marketing has increased the user base and direct sales through the app. As a result, TikTok has emerged as an undisputed leader for spectacular growth and earnings. More importantly, its short-form video content outperforms the brand’s value and effectively helps to reach the marketing goals. Allot a considerable amount of time and use effective editing tools to make the content entertaining and generate revenue. Moreover, if you want to build a strong presence on TikTok, effectively work with paid services like Trollishly. Understanding the potential of paid services, most brands are utilizing it to upscale their growth.

Take Over Your Brand With Actual TikTok Stats!

Many of them wonder about the TikTok platform as it provides various opportunities to express the content creatively. It is easily accessible on the smartphone and helps showcase one’s talent more uniquely, and it creates a big wave among the users. If you are passionate about expressing your creative skills and taking your brand to a new level, understanding the TikTok stats will help you become the rising star on TikTok. With clear stats, easily target the market with a perfect plan and achieve the goals in the specific period. 



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