The Extreme Importance of Oral Health

Importance of Oral Health

Here’s a story where a patient’s decision to see how a dentist ended up saving his life. Never underestimate the importance of oral health.

One day, a patient noticed a rash the size of a dime on his arm. He thought nothing of it and applied an ointment to the area. As the weeks went on, the rash increased in size.

It grew to cover both his arms and legs, his neck, and the back of his hands. He started getting worried.

One morning at 3 am, he woke up to discover his entire body covered in an angry, itchy red rash.

Over the next few weeks, he saw every single type of doctor he could think of. The dermatologist, hematologist, and allergist. All the results came back as normal. The allergist said he must be allergic to something cherries are acidic.

The patient was flummoxed.

Read on to find out what happened to him.

Dentists Save Lives

There was one final option for this patient: seeing the dentist. The patient, like many people, was scared of dental work. He was someone that only saw the dentist every three to four years.

He was also skeptical. What could a dentist find out about his skin condition that a dermatologist could not?

The dentist ended up asking some questions about his medical history. The patient had some x-rays taken.

Then, the dentist surprised him by telling him about an abscess in his right jaw. This was from a cracked tooth 18 years ago. 

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The dentist prescribed antibiotics for the patient, and the rashes cleared up within a week.

In a later blood test, the patient found that he had been pre-septic. The abscess had been draining into his bloodstream for weeks. The hospital told him that if not for the antibiotics, he very likely would have died.

Moral of the story: see your dentist. There are many options. You can see a nationally recognized dentist or you could even visit a local dental school if you are uninsured.

The Importance of Oral Health

Dental health may be one of the most overlooked aspects of overall health. Oral health and overall health are actually deeply linked.

Did you know something like gum disease can be linked to serious health ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke? Taking care of your teeth can be the most important preventative step you take for your health later in life.

The mouth is teeming with bacteria, and it is the primary gateway to your digestive and respiratory tracks. Some of these bacteria can cause serious diseases.

There are many studies linking oral health and heart disease, diabetes, and heart disease, and even birth complications during pregnancy. Some other diseases linked to oral health are pneumonia and endocarditis. Osteoporosis and Alzheimers are also linked to poor oral health.

Dentistry as Prevention of Further Disease

The importance of oral health cannot be understated, and getting suitable dental care is paramount.

Investing in your oral health is investing in your future.

Read more tips in our Health section to find out how to be proactive about your health.

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