Why availing a personal loan is better than running credit card debts

personal loan

When you have an unexpected purchase to make, choosing between a credit card or a personal loan can be challenging. Personal loans and credit cards are unsecured loans, so you don’t need to mortgage an asset to qualify for one of these credit products. However, you do need to have a decent credit score.

You will generally find the loan amount supplied by a lender at a predetermined interest rate and monthly payments. These monthly payments or EMI include the principal amount, late penalties, underwriting requirements, and quantity limitations.

Both credit card and personal loans are the same when factors like credit score and loan amount are considered. It primarily relies on your needs and time of necessity.

Difference between a personal loan and credit card

  • To apply for a personal loan, you must provide a few documents and go through a quick verification procedure. However, for a credit card loan, there is no need to provide additional documentation because your lender already has your information.
  • You can also use a personal loan to consolidate debt at a low-interest rate. Whereas, depending on the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on your card, the interest rate on your credit card may be extremely high.
  • Another key difference is that while personal loans are accessible with reduced personal loan interest rates, credit card loans are available with flat interest rates.
  • Personal loans are typically taken for longer terms than credit card loans, which are generally taken for shorter periods.
  • A personal loan is ideal if you require a sizable sum of money in liquid form. However, using a credit card is not recommended if you need access to liquid funds because you can incur withdrawal costs.
  • The pre-approved credit card limit set by your credit card company determines the maximum borrowing amount. Depending on your income and credit history, the lender determines the maximum personal loan amount.
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Which one should you prefer – a personal loan or credit card?

Credit cards and personal loans have unique characteristics and benefits. It would help if you solely considered your needs when choosing which loan to take out.

A personal loan is an alternative if you require a sizable sum of money to cover significant expenses; otherwise, a credit card loan would be preferable. Also, use a personal loan EMI calculator to determine which interest rates and EMI amounts work best for you.

Credit cards and personal loans can be set up with different rates and credit score conditions. If you return your debt on time and consistently, taking out a personal loan may help improve your credit score over the long run. Your score may be impacted when late payments are reported to the credit agency.

Getting a personal loan to pay off your dues is not a bad idea, particularly credit card debt. To ensure you get your personal loan EMI and avoid incurring too much interest, carefully considering your financial obligations and situation is crucial.

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