Over $28,000 in groceries one LR woman’s Christmas gift to families

Kroger food

One Little Rock woman surprised nearby families by paying for over $28,000 worth of groceries at two Kroger locations this week.

Ashley Ann Jones, 35, got the plan to surprise individuals by paying for their groceries subsequent to hearing news stories about how long lines were at food banks and the number of were running out of resources, leading individuals to need to show up right off the bat in request to get food, she told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Having experienced childhood in Scott, and now living in Little Rock, Jones said she knows about areas that are underserved and could profit by help.

She purchased groceries at the Kroger on East Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, where she said many individuals need to work a few jobs to get by, and the Kroger close to Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock. Jones’ dad served in the military, and a great deal of military families and senior citizens incessant that store, she said.

Joseph Mayo, one of the managers at the East Roosevelt Road store, said the purchases were “an extraordinary Christmas gift” for customers.

“They’d come up and we’d say your groceries are paid for and they’d resemble ‘Would you say you are serious? Truly?'”

Some were mournful – they’d “had nothing like that happen to them previously,” Mayo said.

Jones, who owns a business creation organization and social media strategy firm, said she does an occasion charge pay each year for her followers on social media.

This year she parted with $35,000 in cash increments of $250, $500 and $1,000 to assist her followers with bills, she said. She set aside $30,000 to help in the network, adding she opened a register at the supermarkets and didn’t think to check the number of families she helped serve.

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Jones said the holidays to her signify “family, love and an opportunity to rest and reflect.” She ordinarily throws a Christmas celebration for her loved ones where they sing karaoke and mess around.

“It is a bummer that you can’t do your normal traditions, and yet think of how blessed we are; none of us passed away, we as a whole still have business, we as a whole still have a rooftop over our heads,” she said.

This year she’s spending the holidays with her parents, her sister and her nephew, and said she will drive by friends’ houses, or they’ll stop by one-by-one to do gift exchanges.

“It’s inconvenient, however we can host our Christmas gathering in July on the off chance that we need to,” she giggled.


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