Natural Tummy Ache Remedies for Kids

Tummy Ache

Stomach aches are extremely common in children. This is especially true for those between the ages of four and eight. Some of the main causes of stomach aches include growing pains, stress, and their diet.

If your child experiences these, you probably want to help them feel better. While preventing stomach aches with a probiotic food supplement is a good first step, you may want some tips to help when they occur, as well. Keep reading for some natural stomach ache remedies you can try with your child.  

Chamomile Tea

You can give your child chamomile tea. To make it, add a cup of water and one tea bag. It’s effective because it possesses sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Sipping on it can help to reduce abdominal discomfort. Also, chamomile tea will relax the muscle in the upper digestive tract, which eases the contractions that help move food through the stomach. This means it will also help to reduce tummy cramps and spasms.

Drink Ginger

You can give your child soda when their stomach hurts. This is the case if the soda you give them is ginger ale. While this is true, fresh ginger tea is better. The main ingredient in ginger is gingerol, an antioxidant that helps reduce free radical production and the damage they cause the body. Ginger also helps reduce feelings of discomfort and nausea.

Ginger also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to increase digestive juices while neutralizing stomach acids.


Another tea to try for stomach aches is peppermint tea. It’s refreshing and can ease stomach ache pain. Peppermint also has a calming effect on your stomach muscles. Peppermint also helps to increase the flow of bile, which your body requires for digestion.

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If your child doesn’t like tea, then peppermint candy may help to ease the discomfort caused by a stomachache.


Using a hot water bottle or heating pad to help ease a child’s tummy is also beneficial. It can help to ease some of the pain they feel. Heat will increase the blood flow to the skin’s surface, which reduces the feelings of pain that may be coming from deeper inside their abdomen.

Use Reflexology for the Feet 

There are thousands of nerves in the feet and hands. If certain techniques are used, they can help to relax the entire body and help create a sense of calmness. The region of the tummy corresponds with the center arch in a child’s left foot. You can use a reflexology technique, which includes holding your child’s left foot in your right hand and then using your left hand to apply even and steady pressure with your thumb.

Serve Them Bland Foods

If your child is hungry, even with a tummy ache, you should allow them to eat very small amounts of plain and bland foods, such as applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, pasta, and toast. It’s best to avoid seasonings, condiments, or sauces. Bland foods are much less irritating to a child’s stomach and are easier to digest than greasy or spicy foods.

These foods are much less likely to induce vomiting and help the GI tract return to normal function faster.

Eat Yogurt

Snacking on yogurt is another effective way that you can help to ease tummy cramps. It is also a popular healing food for diarrhea. In most cases, good bacteria will live in your intestines and aid digestion. If you are dealing with diarrhea or an intestinal bacterium, yogurt can help. Make sure to choose a yogurt with live cultures to get the active bacteria needed to improve digestion and restore it to normal.

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If you want to help your child when they have a stomachache, be sure to keep the tips and information found here in mind. This will help them feel better faster and minimize the duration of the discomfort they feel. Being informed and knowing what to do is beneficial for you and for your child.   


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