The Interesting Greek National football team

Greek National football team

The Greek football team is a team made up of players of Greek nationality that since 1929 represents the Hellenic Football Federation in the official European Union. Its history has been one of ups and downs. Visiting the site 1xBet online to wager on the Hellenic squad can be a fantastic choice.

The Greek team never had major international appearances until the late 20th century and early 21st century, despite being one of the oldest teams to join FIFA in 1927. They have attended three World Cups in their history: the 1994 edition, the 2010 edition and the 2014 edition, and in one to the Eurocup in the 1980 edition. The 1xBet online site allows you to wager on all these excellent football competitions.

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Unexpected glory

It was then, when being a second-tier squad, it would surprise at the Euro 2004 in Portugal. Under the direction of the German Otto Rehhagel, the Hellenes managed to defeat the hosts with a goal from Angelos Charisteas. This crowned them European champions for the first time in their history. It is possible to visit in order to make all the wagers on this squad. Some of the names in that squad included:

  • Antonios Nikopolidis;
  • Theodoros Zagorakis;
  • and Zisis Vryzas.

The success was a breakthrough in the development of the national team, and since then they are taken into account when qualifying for major football events. However, its development thanks to the European success of the Eurocup was on the verge of being truncated in July 2006. Here the Greek team was suspended by FIFA, due to the non-adherence of the Hellenic Football Federation to its principles. This suspension was lifted a few days later, following an amendment by the Greek Parliament to ensure not to contravene the statutes of FIFA and UEFA. All UEFA and FIFA competitions are available at the 1xBet platform.

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A traditional team

The colors of the Hellenic team are the same as their national flag, blue and white. Historically, Greece has played its home matches at the Karaiskakis Stadium and at the Apostolos Nikolaidis, until the new Athens Olympic Stadium was inaugurated in 1982 and intensively remodeled between 2002 and 2004. To make the 1xBet download app procedure allows betting on matches played by the Greek National squad.

Footballers Theodoros Zagorakis and Giorgos Karagounis have played the most matches, both with 120, and Nikos Anastopoulos is the all-time top scorer with 29 goals. While Greece has many interesting players, it is unlikely that these numbers will be surpassed anytime soon. Making the app download 1xBet allows to make all sorts of wagers on the team.


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