How Couples Experiment with Sex Toys


Incorporating couples sex toys into your sex life can benefit you in many ways from spicing up your relationship to boosting intimacy and your libido. There are a range of different ways in which you can incorporate sex toys and utilise them in a way that suits you, so we’ve pulled together ways in which couples can experiment with sex toys. 

Shop For Your Sex Toys Together

Shopping for your sex toys can be an intimate and exciting experience. Once you’ve opened up about using sex toys in your relationship and have talked through your desires, what you like and what turns you on, you can begin browsing the vast selection of toys online or even in your local sex store. It’s a great idea to follow your curiosities and get familiar with the toys that are out there. If you’re new to sex toys, start with something small that doesn’t take much figuring out, like a bullet vibe that you can incorporate into your foreplay sessions, or a vibrating penis ring that you pop on before sex to stimulate the both of you. 

Explore Different Sensations of Your Sex Toy

When you’re familiar with your sex toy and the basics of how it’s used, you can explore the different ways that you can use it and the different sensations it can give you. Sex experts encourage couples to use toys all over the body rather than just the obvious places. For example, experiment with how your vibrator feels on your nipples, over your stomach or on your inner thighs. Playing with the toy over different areas of your body lets you work out what feels good for you in terms of arousal and intensity before moving to your genitals. Another way you can explore different sensations is through using the toy during different points in your play; for example, place your vibrator at the base of your partners penis during oral or use a clitoral stimulator during sex to help you reach orgasm. 

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Use An App-Controlled Sex Toy

Remote-controlled or app-controlled toys are great for a number of reasons. They’re perfect for those who may be in a long-term relationship or that have partners that work away a lot so that you can engage in intimate activities whenever the mood strikes. You can easily tease and tantalise your partner whilst in different rooms, cities or even countries. Remote controlled toys can also be used during sex to avoid the hassle of awkwardly placed buttons when you’re in the middle of sex. Handing the power over to your partner can also be extremely exhilarating and can build up sexual arousal easily. With so many app-controlled sex toys like eggs, butt plugs and prostate massagers, it’s easy to find something that both of you love.

Experiment With Sensory Play

Sensory play can be light and sexy or hardcore and kinky, depending on your desires. It’s the act of igniting sexual excitement by using different items to create unique sensations over the body. By using items like whips, paddles, feathers or ice cubes you can enhance your foreplay experience. You can even add a blindfold into the mix to heighten the sensations further.


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