RAW Dogwalker Single Size Mini Cones


For the discerning cannabis aficionado, the ritual of rolling one’s own joint holds a certain nostalgic allure. Traditionalists might reminisce about the tactile delight of spreading a perfect layer of ground herb onto a sheet of raw rolling papers. However, as the world of cannabis evolves, so do the tools of consumption, striking a balance between tradition and modern convenience.

Enter RAW Cones, the zenith of RAW’s dedication to purity and precision. Tailored for environmentally conscious consumers who are uncompromising about the products they introduce to their bodies, these pre-rolled marvels are more than just smoking accessories; they are a statement. These raw cones are crafted using RAW’s best-known unrefined paper, accentuated with a tree sap gum line. This exquisite detail, originating from plant fibers meticulously harvested in Spain, ensures that every drag taken is a testament to RAW’s commitment to quality.

For the budding cannabis enthusiast or those juggling a busy lifestyle, the ease of pre rolled cones is undeniable. While traditional raw rolling papers offer the hands-on experience of crafting your masterpiece, raw cones provide the quintessential plug-and-play experience, especially beneficial for newcomers to the cannabis scene. But let’s be honest, even the old-school rollers, who’ve spent years perfecting their technique, can’t deny the convenience of these cones on a busy day.

One standout in the raw cones lineup is the RAW Dogwalker Single Size Mini Cones. This product isn’t just about size variations but is an ode to the precision of measurement. The Dogwalker cones come in three distinct raw cones sizes:

  1. 70/24 – Measuring 70mm in length, with a 24mm tip, this cone can comfortably accommodate up to 0.5g of tobacco.
  2. 70/30 – Similarly 70mm in length, but with a 30mm tip, this too holds up to 0.5g of tobacco.
  3. 70/45 – While this maintains the 70mm length, its 45mm tip holds up to 0.25g of tobacco. Designed particularly for the mature smoker, the 70/45 is optimal for those desiring just a couple of hits, perfect for a solo session.
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These nuances in raw cones sizes and capacity, especially the unique raw cones king size offerings, showcase RAW’s commitment to diverse consumer needs.

For the purists who still hold raw papers close to their hearts, fret not. The world of RAW embraces both the classic rollers and the modern connoisseurs. Whether you’re crafting your joint or simply filling a cone, with RAW, you’re always in for a premium experience.

Green Blazer prides itself on being your premier destination for genuine RAW delights. Dive into our extensive collection of RAW Cones online and immerse yourself in the RAW experience, with a promise of impeccable customer service, every step of the way.

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.


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