Tips to Save Money While Staying Healthy

Save Money While Staying Healthy

So you’ve decided that you want to save money and be healthy, but now you are asking yourself where to start because everything you see in the media makes those two ideas seem mutually exclusive. The good news: saving money and getting financially fit does not mean you can’t also be health-conscious and physically fit. All you have to do is consider the tips below and you are on your way to the life you want. 

Create a Plan and Stick to It

The first big step of your journey to get healthy without breaking the bank is creating a plan and sticking with it. Choose what financial goals you want to save for whether it is retirement, a vacation, or paying off debt. Then take that motivation and apply it to your health goals as well. Do you want to get healthy for yourself, your family, or both? Do you want to lose weight or focus on gains at the gym? Having a clear idea of what you want can make the sacrifices and hard work a lot easier. 

Eat Healthy at Home 

Eating out at restaurants is often unnecessarily expensive and chock full of calories, so one of the easiest ways to spend less money and calories is to eat at home. Home can be where your new smart decisions can start. Consider the following tips for your food shopping and habits: 

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– Buy pantry staples in bulk

– Choose cheaper non-meat protein options like beans

– Get fruit and vegetables in season and consider frozen for out of season necessities 

–  Shop for vitamin sales like Bio X4 deals

– Meal prep to make healthier choices and easier choices throughout the week. 

Prioritize Sleep and Skip Expensive Coffee Drinks

The one thing that most health professionals can agree on is that sleep is one of the major building blocks of your health. The good thing about getting enough sleep is that it can also help your wallet. If in the morning you are already energized and ready to go, you can skip buying an expensive coffee. Getting enough sleep also allows you to fuel your brain and make better dietary decisions throughout the day. 

Start the Day Right With a Big Breakfast

Beginning your day with a big breakfast not only fuels your body and mind well into the afternoon, but can also help you make smarter food choices throughout your day. When you are still full from your healthy breakfast, it can be a lot easier to say no to your coworker’s box of donuts. And if you start the day right, you potentially will want to continue your positive decisions by completing your workout, even if you had a hard day at work. Starting your day with a positive healthy choice can set the trend for the entire day. 

Use Free Fitness Apps and Videos and Buy Bargain Workout Gear

You do not have to break the bank to get the best workout programs or gear. There are so many free fitness apps available now that it is possible to get the exact workout you want or need without spending extra cash on it. Videos online offer the same perks, without taking up the storage space on your phone. There are entire channels on popular sites dedicated to free workout videos from cardio to weightlifting. Also, remember you can shop sales and buy bargain workout gear that will serve you just as well as the newest fad or brand. 

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Exercise Outside

With so many options to be entertained and even workout inside, it can be easy to forget that exercising outside at a public park or in your neighborhood is a free and often, beautiful option. Exercising outside, and therefore changing your surroundings can make your workout seem more interesting or even more enjoyable. Working out during the day can also combat Vitamin D deficiencies and seasonal affective disorder. 

Being healthy and staying fit doesn’t need to break the bank. You can make financially responsible decisions while also prioritizing your health. The suggestions above are just the beginning of a trend that can easily become your new lifestyle.


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