7 Healthy Habits to Have for Boosting Your Sex Life


For a species that loves sex so much, how can we be so bad at getting it?

For one thing, modern living kills our sex drives. Sad but true. Worse still is that, where sex life fails, relationships often follow. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse the impact of this trend in your personal life. All it takes is adjusting your habits.

Here are seven healthy habits to have for boosting your sex life.

1. Cut Down on Junk Food

More and more it starts to seem like WALL-E presented the most accurate vision of humanity’s future so far. With obesity on the rise and processed foods leaving us lethargic and undernourished, it’s no surprise that sex lives have taken a hit.

So get your blood flowing again by cleaning up your diet. Foods that are good for the heart, brain, and your general nutritional balance create a natural road to a healthier sex life. You’ll have more energy, a more balanced mood, and less brain fog.

You really do get out what you put in.

2. Get Some Sleep

A staggering number of well-being issues trace back to the quality of our sleep. Getting poor quality sleep is a systemic issue—it affects nearly everything else you do in the day, sex included.

The sad news for us, then, is that a huge percentage of the population reports that their sleep lacks in quantity and/or quality.

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Practicing good sleep hygiene is the way to address this problem and restore balance to the bedroom. While sex may sound like the opposite of getting a good night’s sleep, habitual good sleep leaves more time and energy for sex—and the afterglow tends to bring on a good night’s sleep, too.

3. Talk It Out

The verdict is in: talking is sexy.

Studies have shown that couples that are happy talking about sex have stronger relationships. It’s not just sex you should talk about, though. Communicating more means you can process more of your burdens, leaving your brain free to enjoy the finer things in life.

Talking out the kinks in your sex life also gives you the chance to talk about…well, kinks in your sex life. Use this time to learn more about each other, and even to do some homework together.

4. Find Ways to Unwind

Sex and stress are two of the most psychologically incompatible topics going. That’s ironic, given that sex can be a great method to de-stress.

Sadly, many of us aren’t in the right place to unclutter our minds and let our instincts distract us from our smaller problems. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to develop better techniques for managing stress.

That could mean making small changes, like going for more walks or making time for meditation. It could mean more dramatic changes—like thinking about whether your job or living situation is right for you.

Whatever the scale of these changes, they’re worth making if they lead to a healthier, happier you. That includes a you who gets more sex, of course.

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Never forget that there are few things in life that matter more than your well-being.

5. Make Bedtime Sacred

“Sacred” and “sex” don’t often belong in the same conversation, but here we are. The issue is that we’ve tainted the bedroom as an intimate space for couples.

How? By inviting too many friends into the bedroom in the form of blaring speakers, blue-light emitting screens, and the obsessive checking of social media.

It’s time to re-sanctify the bedroom. That bed is for three things: sleeping, cuddling, and the other thing. If anything else intrudes on those three items, then it’s time to set some boundaries.

After all, it’s no coincidence that the reported quality of our sex lives and our sleep has dropped with the rise of smartphones and laptops.

6. Make Time for Each Other

It sounds weird to schedule in time to spend with your partner or even to plan when to have sex. Yet that’s the reality of modern living. It makes sense—with so much of our lives dominated by scheduling and time slots, our personal lives can’t happen organically.

That’s not to say you need to start a sex calendar. Making time can be as simple as a quick text to let your partner know you don’t have any plans tonight. This kind of signaling keeps you both in the loop and even helps to avoid disappointment if your schedules don’t line up.

7. Dial Back the Vices

Let’s face it, all the fun things in life have their downsides. In fact, sex is one of the few classic vices that is actually good for us (though we hardly agree with classifying sex as a vice in the first place).

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Those other vices, like smoking, drinking, and drug-taking, can all cause problems for your sex life. These can all get in the way of your psychological and physical wellbeing, even if they feel like they take the edge off. For instance, smoking reduces your lung capacity, which can leave you out of breath. For obvious reasons, that tends to get in the way of sex.

Other, more cerebral vices like gambling and porn addictions can get in the way, too. These set up shop in your brain and push out other things. Addictive gambling is also an easy way to get caught in a stress spiral that’s sure to impact your personal life.

So if you’re going for hedonism, keep to the original indulgence and put your sex life above the substances.

Boosting Your Sex Life Today

The best part about all of these tips for boosting your sex life? You can make these changes starting today. We challenge you: head over to your partner right now and start the conversation. It could take you to some incredible new places. You may also want to check on cum holy grail that will help you improve your overall sex.

Looking for more ways to overhaul your life? Check back often to see what’s new.


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