Nightstands are Great Additions to any Room


Nightstands come in handy when you are ready to drift off into dreamland but want to have a few items nearby. You will not have to keep getting in and out of bed to fetch the tv remote or grab the book that currently has you excited to read the next chapter. 

Nightstands come in various styles and shapes. You can get one with an open or closed design. The open designs are best if you don’t really need additional storage, but if you do, opt for one with a closed design. That will give you the drawers, shelves, and surface space you need for all of the items you want within your arm’s reach. They make wonderful storage options for those items you do not keep in the dresser.

For instance, you may currently have a dresser drawer dedicated to pajamas and socks. Why not free that drawer up for other clothing items and place your sleepwear and socks in one of the nightstand drawers. Or maybe you have a small collection of t-shirts that won’t fill a dresser drawer. Why not place them inside the nightstand and make better use of the space in the dresser?

When you remove your reading glasses and are ready to put your book away, just lean over and open a drawer or place them on the surface. If you want a quality bedside table, look here. Nightstands drawers can hold several items with ease. Tissues, cold medication, lozenges, and more can be stowed away inside the stand. 

While the nightstand is traditionally used in the bedroom, it can also be useful in other rooms of the home. Are you looking for the perfect end or accent table for the living room but haven’t been able to find one? Then you should check out the nightstands and see if there’s one that fits the décor. Their shape and size are very similar to accent tables, and storage is always a need in the living room.

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Add some functionality to the space by purchasing one with built-in USB charging ports, and you and your family can keep your mobile devices powered up. The living room isn’t the only space for nightstands. Believe it or not, the kitchen could benefit from one too.

As stated earlier, nightstands come in many different styles. There are some that are really tall to accommodate those who like to have their bed sit up high. Buy two and place them next to each other to form a kitchen island. Place them in the dining room, and you’ll have a buffet to serve food when guests come over. Or, you can create a coffee bar and store the coffee beans, stirrers, sugar, creamers, and teas all on the inside.

Get creative and find other ways a nightstand can be used in your home to make life for you and your family just a little bit easier. You’ll be extremely happy with the results.


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