Cable TV vs. streaming services: Which one is a better option?


Cable TV has been around for decades now and scrolling through channels like CNN, HBO and BC has become our favorite hobby. There is no compromise on your entertainment when you have a good cable or satellite TV connection available at your home.

However, Streaming services have been changing trends lately with their greater flexibility features. You might not get your favorite channels on them technically but you get a wide range of digital libraries including movies, original series, and TV shows. A lot of streaming services are offering Live TV subscriptions to ensure that you don’t miss out on live sports and news.

Reasons to consider keeping Cable TV

Many people have moved to cut down on the cord lately. But is it worth it? Are streaming sites worth giving up on your favorite cable channels? The reason why people started moving to stream services could be their cheaper availability and reasonable price plans as compared to the continuously expensive plans provided by the cable TV providers.

However, there still are some cable TV providers that offer quality services at a reasonable price. Like Spectrum TV Select package offered by Spectrum that allows you to get hundreds of channels lined up at the most affordable price in the market currently. The 24/7 availability of your favorite shows on TV along with thousands of on-demand titles is all the reasons you should consider keeping your cable TV connection.

Other than having an affordable package you should reconsider the familiarity and convenience factor too. You can buy a cable TV connection and bundle it up with internet and phone service from the same provider it becomes convenient for you to pay only one bill to the same provider that too for multiple services. It becomes more cost-effective as well as saves you energy and time.

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Reasons to switch to Streaming sites or Live Stream TV

Often the Cable TV consumers have complained of not getting the channel lineup they want or not getting the type of content they’re seeking, the worst case is that some options are not even available in some areas. Whereas live streaming services are providing a solution to both these issues caused by Cable TV provides.

Popular live TV streaming options might not provide you a large channel range but you can get up to 33 channels on average and up to 140 plus max, along with that streaming sites offer a huge library including new releases to old classics and original series, that is good enough to sort out the entertainment needs of most people.

Other reasons to switch to live stream TV service can be the variety of content available at reasonable prices. You get multiple plan options at low prices in which you can add up premium channels of your choice. On top of it, there are no hidden charges that usually come with a cable TV package so it’s less confusing to deal with.

By far you must have made your mind on which you like better, either you want to continue with your traditional cable TV service or switch to live stream TV, to simplify it more for you we have decided to list down the major pros of both:

Perks of Cable TV

  • The biggest perk is you don’t have to rely on the availability of an internet connection. Watch your favorite channels anytime without having to worry about internet speeds being online.
  • Easy access to premium channels.
  • You get everything in one place with several channels you can access.
  • How can we forget live sports and the thrill that comes with them? If you’re a sports fan then cable TV is your live saver. You can get access to all the sporting channels (depending on the plan you have signed up for) without having to pay extra for each channel.
  • A DVR can act as a streaming service for your traditional cable TV.
  • On-demand titles and pay per view.
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Perks of Streaming service

  • You can get access to additional media channels with streaming services.
  • Better video quality. Almost all the content available on streaming sites is in HD programming.
  • They are ad-free. Your favorite show doesn’t get interrupted by commercials every ten minutes.
  • The latest movies and shows are available on streaming sites in no time.
  • Streaming sites contain better parental controls so you can keep your kids from viewing inappropriate content.
  • You can download content to view offline. Playback from where you left watching and skipping whenever you want.

Which option has better content selection?

If you’re someone who enjoys watching quality channels and TV shows then cable service is a better option for you than streaming sites. The channel range is so wide with cable TV that you can find almost anything related to any topic on your TV. From cooking shows to kid’s channels, from live sports to news cable TV has at least something for everyone.

With that said streaming sites comes with a benefit for not having to pay for channels you do not want. Content selection is wider depending on what you want to watch and not what is being aired on TV.

However, it depends on the choice of content you like to watch. If it’s related to channels then Cable TV is your thing and if it is personal depending on mood then you should consider switching to streaming services.


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