Meta-analyzes confirm the life factors calculated by the incidence of RA

life factors calculated by the incidence of RA | RA incidence
life factors calculated by the incidence of RA | RA incidence

(HealthDay) —One-third of rheumatoid arthritis (RA incidence ) is attributed to smoking, excess weight, and heavy drinking, according to a study published online on January 26 at the BMJ Open.

life factors calculated by the incidence of RA

Ding Ye, from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, and colleagues are evaluating cases of RA caused by selected non-genetic factors in U.S. adults. Exposure to findings is found in the National Health and Nutrition Survey. Meta-analyses were performed to assess the correlation between consistent risk factors and RA.

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The researchers found that in the meta-analysis, the risk of RA increased in those who were current smokers and former smokers (related risk, 1.22 and 1.47, respectively). The risk of RA increased by 1.27-fold for overweight and then for individuals.

There was an eight percent reduction in the risk of RA in combination with 50-g / week of alcohol growth. The ideal number of smokers was 14.0 percent. The index of excess weight was 14.73 percent of cases of RA, while heavy drinking was 8.21 percent at risk of RA. In total, 32.69 percent of RA cases are caused by smoking, obesity, and heavy drinking.

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“Regarding the safety of RA, there is currently enough evidence to recommend that to reduce the risk of RA, people should stop smoking and maintain a healthy weight,” the authors wrote.

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