Four people have died in a house fire including two firefighters in northwestern Oklahoma

Four people have died in a house fire
Four people have died in a house fire

WAYNOKA, Oklahoma: – Four people have died in a house fire overnight in Waynoka, the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal Office said.
Four people have died in a house fire, two were Waynoka firefighters and two were living in the home.

Firefighters were called shortly after 3 am to a house on the 1700 block on Locust Street in Waynoka.

The Waynoka Fire Department called for help from the Alva Fire Department just before 3:30 a.m. after Waynoka firefighters reported that the front door had been blocked by fire, fire officials said.

The two firefighters stormed the house looking for residents when the roof collapsed, Les Washnock, a fire and rescue instructor at Pond Creek Fire and EMS, said on social media.

The state fire marshals and the medical examiner’s office are still at the scene. Fire marshals will investigate a deadly house fire.

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Fire crews say a man called in the fire at around 3 a.m. telling officials he was trapped in his home on Locust St. and it was on fire.
When firefighters arrived, they found fire blocking the front door and were unable to get the victims out through the window of the home.

Officials say both residents and two Waynoka firefighters died in the fire.

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