Is Drinking Alcohol After Vaccinating Harmful

Drinking Alcohol

According to some health experts in England, people should not drink alcohol properly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. According to experts, alcohol alters the biological structure of billions of living organisms that play a key role in preventing the entry of bacteria and viruses. They also claim that alcohol causes damage to cells in the bloodstream, including lymphocytes, which send antibodies to attack the virus, and thus reduce the effectiveness of vaccines such as the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Emergency Medical Specialist Dr. Ronx Ikharia simply dipping three glasses of Prosecco, the dominant Italian wine, was enough to reduce the level of lymphocyte cells in their blood by 50 percent.

Immunologist Professor Sheena Cruickshank, of the University of Manchester, also urged people to abstain from alcohol during their Covid-19 vaccination. ‘You need your immune system to work properly to have a positive response to the vaccine, so if you take it the night before, or just after that, that won’t help you.’

However, American experts seem to have a different view. In a recent article, which appeared in the Providence Journal, Rhode Island Health Department spokesman Joseph Wendelken said “There is no indication that moderate drinking will affect your immune system after vaccination.”

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