Gas turbine services and its applications

Gas turbine services and its applications

Electricity was not generated over a night or a year. In fact, electricity was invented by faraday, whereas many people think it was Edison. Nonetheless, the commercial production of electricity is one of the main sources of income. China is the largest producer of electricity, with 7,503 TWh in 2019. 

None of it was possible without turbines which manage to produce a lot of electrical energy. However, not many people know that it is not the only thing that it does. Hence here is an account of gas turbine services that help generate more electricity. 

History of gas turbines 

You can date back the development of gas turbines to as far as the year 1500. This is when the famous painter and inventor brought to light ‘the chimney jack.’ The inventor was Leonardo Da Vinci. The idea was to pass hot air from a single-staged axil turbine rotor. This was mounted with the duct of the exhaust of a fireplace. This causes the blades to rotate at speed by the gear-chain connection. 

This invention was followed by john barber, who invented a gas turbine in its true sense. This was in the year 1791 when the turbine used the machine and almost all the same a component as it is used today. The initial idea was to make use of it in horseless carriages. 

Finally, years and decades passed, which brought to the last modulation of gas turbines by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2011. This is when they managed to test the first more than 60% efficiency of gas turbines. 

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How does a gas turbine function? 

Gas turbines are getting to be a big deal in general. Many must wonder how does it work. The idea behind gas turbines is inspired by thermodynamics. There are many chambers in the turbine which make it possible to reach the outcome it gives. However, it primarily religiously follows the Brayton cycle. 

The mechanism of a gas turbine is that it changes mechanical energy to electrical energy. This is originated from thermal energy that is caused by internal friction and pressure. Moreover, a chemical reaction is also involved when a type of fossil fuel or nuclear gas is passed into the chambers. Finally, the hot air is passed through the rotor blades, which makes them spin. Now, this is connected to a generator, and that is how electrical energy is obtained. 

What are the types and applications of gas turbines? 

Gas turbines have been worked with for years, and people have only tried to make them better. That would not have been the case if the turbines were useless. There are many applications of gas turbines, without which the world would look very different today. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Supercharge– one of the best uses of gas turbines is supercharging. One can use a small turbine that needs to be subjected to hot gases. This is specific for air jets and gas engines. The pressure of the exhaust makes drives the compressor, which charges the jet engines. 

Turboprop – if you have ever wondered how to do turbojet work at such a speed, then you should know about gas turbines. The turbines are small enough to fit into the jets. They also have a propeller with the compressor. The air inside is expanding and contracting under high temperatures between 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius. 


Industrial gas turbines – the most important thing that a gas turbine does is that it provides electricity. You will notice a lot of power plants serving home to many turbines altogether. That is because they have to charge up an entire area and hence require a lot of outcomes. 

Gas turbine services that help operators 

Many companies are working hard to have their staff trained in the works of a gas turbine. Gas turbine services involve a complete inspection of the turbines and catering to them when they arise. They help with any kind of faulty components that may be found. Moreover, they check up on the rotor blades, which are usually the first ones to get wrecked. These services also include maintenance tips and regular check-ups of the turbines.  


Gas turbines have a lot of importance which is devoid of credit. We never wonder what will happen should the power go off until it does. That is why gas turbines, among others, do not get much appreciation. However, they are one of the main things without which the world would live in darkness. Not only that it produces irreversible electrical energy, but it also participates in the greenhouse effect. Moreover, compared to any other kind of turbine and generator, gas turbines are environmentally friendly. This is because they leave the least amount of carbon footprints.  


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