Find the Right Bug Protector for Your Ford Escape

Ford Escape

Whether you call them insects, bugs, or creepy crawlies, one thing’s for sure — they’re pests. Bugs are an important part of our ecosystem, but they become a major inconvenience when they end up decorating the windshield of your Ford Escape. Preventing this can be simple, though, when you invest in a 2017 Ford Escape bug deflector. Bug deflectors help to keep your windshield clear by diverting airflow, and all of the bugs it may contain, away from the front of your car. This greatly lowers the insect death toll your windshield will see, and it may also prevent chips and cracks, too, by minimizing impact from hard debris and small rocks.

Utilize a Vent Shield

Bug deflectors are a great way to protect your windshield, but there are plenty of other accessories you can try out that can keep you safe from insects. Nobody wants a Junebug or wasp hitching a ride in your Ford Escape. If you’ve left a window rolled down, though, it’s practically an open door. Bugs can easily fly into your car’s interior, but a vent shield can help prevent this from happening. A vent shield — also sometimes called a vent visor — is attached to the top of your car’s windows. It creates a sloped covering above the window to minimize access while still allowing ventilation. In addition to preventing bugs from getting into your car, a vent shield can prevent rain, snow, or sleet from entering, too.

Using a vent visor in conjunction with a 2017 Ford Escape bug deflector can offer maximum protection against insects. Both of these accessories can prevent insects from accessing your car and thus minimize the chance of any bug-related incident. Even with the very best protective accessories, though, a certain amount of bug residue is inevitable. It’s important to remove this residue carefully so that it doesn’t damage the paint on your car.

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Routinely Wash Your Vehicle

If you want to keep your Escape’s exterior looking clean and shiny, the best way to do so is to simply wash it regularly. Not all washing solutions are created equal, though, so it’s important to look for one that’s made from high-quality ingredients. Some car wash formulas, for example, contain hydrophobic polymers that leave a protective coat on your car. This barrier can repeal moisture, minimize the risk of contaminants, and prevent the buildup of bugs on your windshield and exterior. Be sure to follow the directions on the solution you choose and only wash as often as is recommended.

How do you remove deep dirt from a car if you haven’t washed it in a long time? Bugs aren’t the only contaminant that can accumulate on your car’s exterior. Dust, sap, and tar can contribute to buildup, too, if you don’t clean your car regularly. You may have to engage in some vigorous scrubbing in order to remove this grime, and the key is to choose the right kind of cleaning tool. Use a microfiber cloth to ensure your Escape’s paint job is unharmed.

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