Assist! There is a seal in my treadmill! The yr’s finest animal rescue pictures



The RSPCA launched its record of the yr’s prime animal rescues, to cheer folks up in what it stated has been a “difficult yr.”

The RSPCA had to use Vaseline as a lubricant to free the fox.

When staff arrived at a gymnasium tools warehouse in Llanelli, Wales, they have been stunned to discover a grey seal pup, trapped between treadmills. The seal, which is believed to have reached the warehouse by touring up a close-by river, was transported again to the water, and later taken to a wildlife heart.

This angry-looking tawny owl needed help after getting stuck inside a fireplace.

In the meantime, a younger fox obtained greater than he bargained for when he fancied a drink — the animal was found by RSPCA workers with a watering can on his head, which officers needed to pull free utilizing Vaseline as lubricant.


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