Winter Haircare Regimen For Men


Trying to keep your hair healthy and full can be a challenge and there are certain times of the year when you should pay extra attention to how you do so. You might already be considering adding new products to your styling routine or even thinking about heading off for a hair transplant in Turkey, but there are other simple ways to keep your hair strong and nourished. Winter can cause a lot of damage to your hair so here’s a haircare regimen to keep your locks tough and healthy during the harshest season of the year. 

Don’t Go Too Hot

The first and easiest mistake you’re probably making is having your water too hot when you wash. Subjecting your hair to such high temperatures will only make it dry and brittle over time, all while stripping your hair of any natural oils. Sebum is essential for hair growth and health as it provides your hair with moisture and protection from outside elements. It’s easy to turn the heat up when it’s freezing cold outside. Instead, try having the water lukewarm the next time you wash your hair, and you’ll soon see a difference. 

Add Moisture

Next up is choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. If you’re using a 3-in-1 product for your hair, face, and body, you need to put it down right now. Your hair requires completely different care to your skin and face. If you can use a product on your hair and face, it’s probably not actually good for either. Your hair requires acidic products that help stimulate sebum and provide moisture. So, you don’t really want to be using the same product on your face. Try looking for a shampoo and conditioner set to help with any problems your hair has. For example, if you have drier, curly hair, look for a moisture-locking product designed for curls. Make sure you rinse out all the shampoo too. You don’t want to leave a residue in your hair as this can cause flakiness on your scalp. Using shampoos and conditioners with moisturising properties is necessary, especially in winter when your hair will naturally become dry as it’s exposed to the cold. 

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Don’t Overdo It

A common mistake that is detrimental to your hair health, is washing it every day. When you wash your hair every day, you’re stripping any natural oil from your scalp which causes your hair to become drier than ever. The more you wash your hair and remove the sebum, the more it will overcompensate and produce more oil. This means your hair will feel greasy after a day or two. Instead, try washing 2-3 times a week and look at trying out a dry shampoo. If you find that your hair feels greasy after 2 days, spray some dry shampoo onto your roots and it’ll absorb any unnecessary grease. You’ll notice that once you reduce the number of times you wash your hair, your sebum production will regulate, and you’ll be able to go longer without washing. 

Dry Carefully

If you’ve cut down on the washing, lowered the temperature, and started using the right products, don’t ruin all that work by scrubbing your hair dry with a towel. Your hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet, so rubbing it vigorously with a towel can cause so much damage. Try wrapping your hair in the towel and letting the water absorb, before gently patting it down. During winter you want to keep your hair as protected as possible and causing damage that’s easily avoidable will ensure you have healthy hair throughout the season. 

Keep Up With The Trims

Just because it’s winter and you’re wearing more hats, don’t forget to get your hair regularly trimmed. Taking off the very ends of your hair will ensure you remove any dead or split ends caused by the winter weather. 

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Watch What You Eat

Winter is a time when you probably indulge a little more than usual when it comes to food. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the delights that the holiday season has to offer but try to eat relatively healthy still. A diet full of processed, fatty foods will reflect in your hair. Make sure you eat a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet during the winter to give your hair the best chance at protection. 

Male haircare has become more popular in recent years, but you might want to consider how you look after your hair during different times of the year. Using the tips above as a guide, you’ll soon find your hair is easy to maintain and looks healthy and strong all through the winter.


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