What Is the Greatest Age to Get Braces?

Age to Get Braces

Do you have a child whose teeth are growing crooked? Are you concerned about your child’s beautiful smile in the future? If that is the case, you might be wondering what the best age to get braces might be. You don’t want to get your child braces too early and then regret the effort, time, and money spent on that.

You also don’t want to wait too long. Read on to see on average what the best age for braces is and how your dentist can help narrow down that age even further. 

Dentist Recommended Age to Get Braces

Ideally, you would want to wait until two things happen with your child before getting their braces. Before this age, they might be too young for braces.

Firstly, you want to ensure that your child has ALL their permanent teeth, before getting braces for kids. This way the process of fixing their smile would be streamlined. 

Secondly, you want to ensure that the jawbone isn’t fully developed yet so that the braces can easily shift and rearrange the teeth as needed. 

Both of these things ideally happen around the age of 10-14 years old. Of course, every child is different and that’s why it’s so important to consult with your dentist at around age 7, so they can give you an orthodontic evaluation and assess exactly WHEN is the best age for your child to get braces. 

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If your child is too young for braces, they also might not be able to maintain and care for the braces as necessary. There is a lot that has to be taken care of with children getting braces. They have to be careful with what they eat, how they clean their teeth, and what sports they play. 

Speak to Your Dentist First before Making Any Decision

You might have many braces questions floating around in your head, driving you crazy. There’s a lot to consider when getting braces for kids. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a long chat with your dentist before making any decision. They have seen it all and heard it all. They know exactly what to recommend for your particular child. 

Every child is going to be different and that’s why the average age to get braces might not apply to your particular child. Get rid of all confusion by taking your questions to a trained professional. 

The Right Age to Get Braces for Children Differs

If you want to know the best age to get braces for your child, then you will need to consult with a dentist for that. There’s no one size fits all rule here. That’s why it’s so difficult to be a parent sometimes. It would be easier if everything came with a rule book, wouldn’t it? 

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