This snarky bot will brutally take you down on your Spotify style



Any individual educated an AI to be that individual.

The bot “How Dangerous is Your Spotify,” dropped at you by digital publication Pudding, will analyze your Spotify account and offer you its ideas on simply how cringe-worthy your style in music is.

That’s, in the event you give it permission to entry your profile — and in case you are outfitted to deal with being roasted mercilessly by a bot in a yr when, frankly, listening to questionable music is simply one other manner of dealing with… *gestures at universe.*

Spotify got a big boost this year from an unexpected audience
This bot has no endurance for any of your responsible pleasures. If it sees an excessive amount of Taylor Swift (and let’s face it, it most likely will), it will level that out. It will surprise, with a disparaging air of incredulity, in the event you take heed to sure songs. It will additionally react to a few of your most-played music asking you in the event you’re OK — a situation we’re all very clearly not in 2020. In order that feels gratuitous.

Lastly, the AI will inform you simply how dangerous your style in music is, qualifying it with labels that really feel oddly particular, together with, however not restricted to, “learns-about-rap-from-tiktok dangerous” or “scented-candle-and-hard-seltzer dangerous.”

Spotify’s “2020 Wrapped” was all optimistic reinforcement, neatly packaged and made to share on social, however individuals who undergo the dragging that’s “How Dangerous is Your Spotify” are additionally sharing their outcomes on social media to exhibit simply how laborious the AI got here for them.

If you wish to be bullied by a chunk of know-how at present, be our visitor.


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