The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Bean Roasts


Did you know that Finland consumes more coffee per capita than any other country in the world? The average Finn drinks more than 26 pounds of coffee each year! Although so many of us start our day with a cup of java, the majority of individuals have no idea how coffee bean roats.

Thus, you may find it surprising to know that coffee beans are light green before the roasting stage. Yet, when they absorb heat, they change color and turn darker.

Some people assume that the color of the beans determines coffee bean roasts. While that is true to some degree, each roast has unique characteristics. 

This post will explain the differences between the levels of coffee roasts and help you find a brew that satisfies your tastebuds! 

Light Roast Coffee

Upon ordering a cup of light brew coffee, you will notice that it has a more golden color and lacks oil on the surface. While it seems to be the weakest of all coffees, it actually has the highest level of acidity and caffeine. 

Light roast coffee has less body and taste, but its gentle flavors sure pack a punch! That’s why many coffee connoisseurs who drink the best coffee beans in the world prefer light roast coffee. 

If you want to brew light roast coffee at home, drip methods, such as the pour-over, work best. 

Medium Roast Coffee

As you can imagine, medium roast beans are a bit darker than light roast. Along with these darker colors, you’ll notice other differences, such as a more balanced flavor, a stronger aroma, and less acidity. 

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At times, coffee brewers leave the beans at high heat for a longer period to create a medium-dark roast. This makes a superb cup of coffee with more body and a fair amount of acidity. 

One of the best ways to prepare medium roast beans is by making a pot of cold brew. Meanwhile, a medium-dark roast tastes great in the French press or espresso maker! 

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee is oily and has a deeper shade than all other roasts. It is also the least acidic coffee you can drink. Yet, since these beans roast longer, they lose more moisture and have a bitter taste that is smokier than other types of coffee. 

Although some people think that dark roast coffee tastes burnt, the bold flavor of this full-bodied roast is preferred in many countries worldwide. 

If you like strong coffee and don’t need too much caffeine to kickstart your day, this roast is perfect for you! Try brewing your dark roast in an Aeropress for a clean and smooth cup of coffee. 

Coffee Bean Roasts for All Tastes

While there are many important factors to consider when choosing coffee beans, the roast is especially crucial. Furthermore, knowing about coffee bean roasts will allow you to order a more enjoyable cup of joe. And, it will help you make smarter decisions when picking coffee beans for brewing coffee at home.

Did you enjoy this coffee bean guide? If so, check out more of our interesting posts written for foodies and coffee lovers!


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