The Major Symptoms of Renal Concretion

Symptoms of Renal Concretion

Renal Concretion is experienced by the individual when some dissolved minerals get builds up in the kidney. A renal concretion is popularly known as a kidney stone which has become a very common problem mostly because of changes in dietary factors as well as climate change. Not every kidney stone causes a major problem as many of them are small and pass through the urinary tract without getting noticed. Large kidney stones are the ones that cause serious problems and pain to the individual and they must be treated at the earliest to avoid any infection, urinary problem, etc. Some of the symptoms of Renal Concretion are mentioned below:

  •         The experiencing of pain in the groin or/ and at the side abdomen is the most common symptom.
  •         Another symptom includes experiencing blood in the urine.
  •         One may feel nauseous most of the time because of kidney stones.
  •         In case the kidney stones result in infection, then the chances of fever and chills are very high. Besides this one may also experience fatigue, weakness. Diarrhea and foul-smelling urine may also result because of infection caused by kidney stones.
  •         The increased requirement to urinate also indicates the symptoms of renal concretion.

Kidney stones can also be an indicator of diabetes. If any of these symptoms exist then one must consult the Diabetologists for further diagnosis.



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