Smart Ways To Apply Car Decals And Remove The Same When Time Comes

Ways To Apply Car Decals

After learning all the benefits and reasons behind the growing demand, you have finally decided to work your way with the best car vinyl decals. You have already saved the money you need for this form of advertising and now just waiting for the printing firm to deliver your final product. Once you get your hands on the item, it is up to you to place the sticker on the car, in the way or position that you like the most. Let’s see smart ways to apply car decals and remove them same when the time comes.

Well, most people don’t realize that it is not that easy to work with decals, if you don’t know the tricks about it. Chances are high that you will mess up the entire sticker, and that means your money just went down the drain! So, before you start handling car decals on your own, why don’t you learn the tricks associated with it first? It will not just prevent you from messing up the sticker, but you can complete the task at much less time and get the most use of your investment!

The first few steps to address:

At first, you have to spot-check the surface area, where you are planning to place the sticker on. It can be anything from the window of the car to the trunks. 

  • No matter whatever your chosen surface is, it needs to be smooth to touch. 
  • Always try to detect the flatness of the area first, because it might later create some visible lumps.
  • Now, you have to focus on the position of the decals before you start transferring the same.
  • Take a quick little look of where you are making plans to place the vinyl decals first. 
  • After pointing out the right place, hold the sticky portion down as you start peeling off the cover in a very slow and gentle manner.
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What tools should you need while applying the stickers?

All the tools that you need for applying the decal will be your household items and you don’t need to buy anything particular from the nearby hardware store. Some of those options are glass cleaner, masking tape, measuring tape, paper towels, razor or scissors and squeegee. Sometimes, a credit card will do the trick instead of squeegee as well.

  • Before you even select the placement of the decals on your car, you better get hands on all these materials. You can’t just leave the sticker hanging in the middle to get a product from the house. 
  • The masking tape will help you in properly aligning the decal in your chosen place. If you want, you can further pre-mask the decal by lining it up in a precise manner. Once you have gotten the position you like, then it is time to tape it from one side to the rest for that stable foundation.

When you are done with the vinyl decals, use the special formulated solution to place on the decals and then gently remove it off from the surface area. It will work out well and without much issue from your side.


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