Popular Cat Breeds for Pet Lovers


Many cats have risen to stardom and became famous because of various movies. Some may have been moved with their roles in the theaters, so they are looking for that specific breed to adopt. Other enthusiasts may have gotten a positive impression of a particular breed and shared their experiences with their friends and families.

Some owners prefer a level of playfulness and affection from their kitties, which is not a problem. Some owners may have a sudden realization like, “I thought about this, and I need to adopt a kitten,” and fortunately, this is easy today. Some can find them online, in shelters, pet shops, or even from friends and family. The popular breeds out there are naturally affectionate and friendly, and they can find it easy to adapt to any environment they are in.

A feline may be a hybrid, purebred, or domestic. The domestic kitties may not have the lineage that a purebred does, but they can still be easy to take care of. The hybrid ones may be crossbred from other wilder and domesticated ones, resulting in a unique look and characteristics. Here are other popular ones that many owners have.

  1. Siamese

The Siamese cats originated in Thailand, and they have been popular since the 19th century. They were the foundations for the Himalayan, sphynx, and Oriental Shorthair. Most of the Siamese pets have distinctive colors in their tails, feet, ears, face, and eyes.

Today, they have two varieties, including a chubby body and an “apple-shaped” head. The others have features of a more slender build with a larger build. In the film The Lady and the Tramp, the Siamese cats that are singing songs demonstrate their vocal skills and intelligence. 

  1. Persians
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The Persians are called the cats with the smushed face. They are also called the Shiraz or Iranian cats because of the country where they originated. Their coats are long and beautiful, and they come in various colors. They are distinctive because of their flat faces that are more prominent compared to others. 

Persians have been featured in various commercials, artworks, movies, and other works throughout the years. Their coats may require a lot of grooming, or they can result in matting. Like any other purebreds out there, know that the Persians are prone to various diseases like cardiac or renal problems. Learn more information about Persians on this page here.

  1. Maine Coons

Maine coons are well-known for their thick fur coats and larger statures. They are the felines that you will find difficult to ignore. The state of Maine considers them as the official cat, and they are gentle giants. When the Cat Fanciers Association recognized them as great hunters, they became popular in many households. Today, they still remain popular.

Know that they are prone to conditions like polydactylism, or they can grow extra toes. These breeds already have larger feet, and the condition will make this even larger. They are the best features for hunting in the snow because the feet will serve them like a snowshoe. The coloration is similar to that of a brown tabby cat, but they can also come in various colors.

  1. Ragdoll

Ragdolls have the reputation of being docile, and this is where their names came from. If you pick them up, they will limp as a rag does. Many people think that they don’t feel any painful sensations, but this is a myth. Most of them have pointed color patterns and look like long-haired Siamese kitties. They can have personalities similar to that of a dog and have clear, blue eyes that are beautiful to look at. They can follow their pet parents around the home whenever they want attention.

  1. Bengal
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Bengals may look like their wild leopard counterparts, but they are pretty domesticated. The markings of black stripes on orange fur may make others think that they belong to the jungle, but the reality is that they can feel at home in your apartment.

These breeds require many exercises, walks, play, and other activities because they have high energy levels. They come in various patterns like rosettes and some spots around the body. The name comes from their taxonomic identification that’s related to the Asian leopard called the Prionailurus bengalensis. They were initially bred between a wildcat and a domesticated one, and they got their unique patterns from their wildcat ancestors. 

  1. Abyssinian

These breeds originally came from Abyssinia, which is known today as Ethiopia. They have distinctive coats that give them that banded and unique look. Some of their characteristics include a wedge-shaped head, pointy ears, muscular and slender bodies. Learn more about Abyssinians in this web address: https://www.britannica.com/animal/Abyssinian

With their personalities, they are known to be intelligent, curious, and active felines. They will follow their owners around the house, and they have a playful demeanor that’s endearing to their human counterparts.

  1. Birman

Burmans are another color-pointed breed similar to the ragdoll and Siamese. Their coats are medium-length but don’t have undercoats, and they have distinctive blue eyes. The lack of undercoats is a primary feature differentiating them from the Himalayan or the Persian breed. They are the original stock to breed the ragdolls, so it’s no surprise that they look similar from afar. 

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However, know that the Birmans have a slightly different personality and markings from the ragdolls. They love attention, fun and are pretty sociable in the house. They are also extremely loyal to the one person that takes care of them in the family.


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