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iLovePDF Review 2021 |Pros & Cons, Prices, How does it work?. What services does it offer?


iLovePDF basic review hope you enjoy it.

A PDF editor or converter is in high demand these days. In everyday work, we often need to convert PDF or edit PDF files. If you want to work well with PDF and other document formats, you need a valid PDF converter or a PDF editor.

iLovePDF is a great PDF converter. With this converter, you can not only convert your file into PDF but also edit your PDF file. It provides many PDF tools for our daily use of PDF files, which can meet all the basic requirements. This article will review PDF converters in great detail and discuss the features, functions, pros & cons to help you choose the best PDF converter for yourself.

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What is iLovePDF?

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iLovePDF is a document management software designed to help businesses access, compress, compile, separate, and edit formatted PDF files (PDF) on a compact platform. Enables users to convert scanned PDF files into standard Microsoft Word documents using optical character recognition technology (OCR).

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Features of iLovePDF include domain filtering, SSL security, data encryption, analytics, document storage, data retrieval, and more. Allows managers to add image or text-specific watermarks to PDFs and manually select position, opacity, or typography for all files. Managers can use the app to add notes, annotations, and drawings to PDF files to facilitate collaboration with team members. Participants can use the platform to decrypt passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

iLovePDF provides an API, which allows businesses to integrate the program with the platforms of third-party companies such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics, and more. It is also helpful for organizations to repair corrupted PDF files and recover data from corrupted files using data repair tools.

About iLovePDF

About iLovePDF
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iLovePDF is an online service that works with PDF files in full and easy to use. All the tools you need to use PDFs, are easily accessible. All are 100% FREE and easy to use. You can assemble, split, compress, convert, rotate, open and export PDF files with just a few clicks.

iLovePDF has three versions, In addition to online and desktop versions, it has a mobile version that can help you turn your smartphone into a PDF Editor and a portable Reader to access your files from anywhere while on the go. Even if you use iLovePDF for the first time, you will not experience any difficulties. No matter what version it is, its interface is simple. iLovePDF is happily translated into 25 languages, you can choose your own from the menu.

The great function of iLovePDF is that you can stop editing your files instead of dealing with them painfully at the same time. Your files are processed at a high speed, so there is no need to wait as long as you have the right internet connection.

iLovePDF also pays close attention to the quality and security of your file transfer. Trying to deliver the smallest file size while maintaining the highest quality. To combat file theft, it will automatically delete all your archives within two hours.

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  • Supports converting and editing files in batches
  • Not only for Windows, Mac but also for mobile
  • Supports uploading files from cloud accounts such as Google Drive or Dropbox


  • Lack of PDF editing tools such as text adders, text highlighting, digital signature, etc.
  • To merge multiple files into PDF, you need to manipulate the order manually
  • The quality of the converted files in the free version is slightly lower
  • Can’t work for Linux
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  • If you want to use many functions like PDF to Word (OCR) or convert other files, you need to pay for it.
  • Premium Web: USD6 per month or USD40 per year
  • Premium Pro Desktop + Web: USD9 per month or USD72 per year

How does ilovepdf work?

how ilovepdf work?
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iLovepdf provides users with a web-based set of tools to complete the various tasks required when working with PDF files. It has three price levels, including the free option.

It’s easy and fast to use. One of our favorites is Compress PDF. Allows you to download a PDF to your computer or system and upload it to the website. Once the file has been uploaded, you can choose from several compression options:

Excess Pressure, which provides a high-pressure rating but a low level
Recommended Pressure, which provides good quality while reducing file size accordingly
Low pressure, which maintains a high level of quality but reduces the amount of pressure

The web application puts the pressure you want quickly, makes a new file available for download, and shows you how small your new PDF is.

What Services Does iLove pdf Offer?

what's ilovepdf offer?
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There are 18 different functions on ilovepdf Includes:

  • Merge to combine as many PDFs as you want
  • Split separate pages
  • Compress
  • Eight PDF converter tools to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint file or jpeg or one of these file types to PDF
  • Page numbers with position options, sizes, and typography
  • Watermark to add images or text over PDF pages
  • Rotate which allows you to present pages in your own settings
  • Open to remove password security
  • Protect password adders to give access to PDF or encrypt documents
  • Organize to edit, delete or add pages to your PDF
  • Adjust to repair the damaged PDF and get the data

File compression helps to make PDF files more portable and friendly on your MSP website. It will be easier to email or use for other marketing purposes.

How to add smileys and hearts to a PDF

If you are a big fan of emojis, you will be thrilled to find that you can now jazz up a boring PDF with smiling emojis and love hearts since the last release of the PDF editing tool of iLovePDF.

add emojis & hearts
Courtesy: iLovePDF

You can also mark files with colored symbols and special characters that can be added directly to pages before sending them to readers, friends, or colleagues.

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Easy to use and accessible directly from the web, iLovePDF’s PDF Editor lets you edit read-only texts with text, images, shapes, symbols, and characters. In the updated Symbols menu, you can find these new icons:

Which one to Add?
Courtesy: iLovePDF

Whether you mark a student’s homework or check your friend’s sales voice, the tool gives you a quick, fun, and easy way to share feedback on any document.

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Review of iLovePDF

iLovePDF has been used by hundreds of businesses that use the software every day. Many of these businesses range from small to medium-sized businesses, as well as a few organizations at the business level. Most of these business users identify themselves as small business owners or analysts who handle a large number of documents on a daily basis. Some of the fields from which these users come include IT, Human Resources, and universities. Here’s what they have to say about the platform:

One of the top features of iLovePDF is easy to use. You can drag and drop files from your desktop or cloud storage. You can reduce the amount of time you spend searching for files in the dialog box and start working by converting PDFs faster. The system can handle multiple files at once to maximize productivity, depending on the number of files depending on your account type. For cloud-based businesses, you can connect to your cloud account, and transfer PDF documents to or from your storage. This can help eliminate the need to download unwanted files to your computer.

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convert word to pdf
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Another thing businesses find useful is the work of Compress PDF. iLovePDF can increase your PDF file size without compromising file quality. You can then email large PDF documents, such as reports or lists. If you choose to send the link, you can create a shared download link right on the platform. You can set the link length and control how many people can download files within iLovePDF.

The PDF opening feature is one of the most talked about topics in iLovePDF. Businesses can update old PDF files with new drawings and categories. You can also remove password protection in PDFs to give greater freedom to your users as well. ILovePDF lets you add watermarks to your pages, add page numbers, and rotate items. If you use Microsoft Office, you can edit and access and delete Office files to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets for your business.

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ilovepdf app
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Like any software, LovePDF is not perfect. While one of the benefits of iLovePDF being cloud-based saves space on your computer, it requires a working Internet connection. If you work in limited connections, this may prevent you from getting the tool. Another problem users have experienced is the pressure tool. If you use a large number of images in your PDF, file compression will only reduce the size by a small amount. Where security is a concern, only the Premium system provides secure communications to help protect business and customer data. When working with large files, it may take extra time to upload and download files before you can work on the project.

Work Smarter with ilovepdf
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The iLovePDF team has addressed many of the previous issues. Since iLovePDF resides in the cloud, updates can be downloaded to the software without having to download additional files. The team was working to improve the speed and performance of tools to reduce leisure time and increase productivity. The development team will post important feature updates and changes to their website, while also keeping the software up to date. If you have trouble using the software, there is a complete guide and FAQ to learn some of the various features. You can contact the support team to suggest future changes.

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Overall, the reviewers agree that the benefits of iLovePDF outweigh its disadvantages. LovePDF empowers your business with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface so you can create, modify, and edit PDFs for your business needs. You can work well to be able to focus on other areas of your business, and that is why LovePDF is a moving tool for many growing businesses.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

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Are my files safe with iLovePDF?

Yes. That’s a short answer. But for your own good, we will also explain more about our services, our security management system, and how we keep your data 100% secure. 🔐
LovePDF is made up of a team of experienced IT professionals whose purpose is to develop tools to help you convert and manage PDF files. Our website is visited by about 5 million daily by businesses, lawyers, teachers, students, and government professionals, who use our tools to do their document editing work.
Since 2010, we are proud to provide an affordable, high quality service that you can count on. We fully guarantee the safety and privacy of your files when using our app.
Data protection standards
ISO Certificate 27001: LovePDF is certified as a company that meets the requirements established by international standards for information security, ISO / IEC 27001. They have a strong new Information Security Management System (ISMS) system to ensure the privacy and integrity of user information.
Compliance with GDPR: ilovePDF complies with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); one of the highest and most popular security standards in the EU. As defined by the GDPR Act, LovePDF is committed to protecting the personal information of every user to ensure the complete confidentiality of their data.
End-to-end file encryption
No matter what PDF tool you use, It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum protection for the theft or speculation of your documents. All files uploaded to iLovePDF are protected using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS is encrypted using Transport Layer Security or known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Who can see my files?

No one! While your files are in their archives, they are securely secure and no one can access them – That includes LovePDF. Most companies find the information in the files processed on their site. LovePDF does not – and will never – be able to access, use, or analyze any content you process through our tools. Only you will be able to access the edited files once they have been processed via iLovePDF.

What happens to my files?

Your file data security is a priority on the Site. This is why any text uploaded to its system is automatically deleted ❌ within 2 hours. This gives you enough time to download your file before it is completely removed from our servers, forever. (So ​​in case you ask us to return a lost document, sorry, but nothing!). You have the option to quickly delete the document yourself at the end of each task.

LovePDF Signature Security?

The only exception to the 2-hour file delete window is in iLovePDF’s eSign tool. This With this tool, you can upload a PDF document to sign, or ask by email for others to sign. The Sign PDF tool complies with European Union standards at IDAS (EU No. 910/2014) and all signatures are legally binding. Users can sign with an electronic signature or a certified digital signature.


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