Dawn Wells, Mary Ann on ‘Gilligan’s Island, Dies at 82 FROM COVID…..

Gilligan dead form covid

Dan Giles, who became a megastar by playing the sexy Mary Ann on “Gilligans Island”, has died.

His spokesman said Dan died Wednesday with COVID.

Wells was one of 2 members who dropped out of the cast … Tina Lewis, who played Ginger in the show, is now a member of the remaining cast.

The show lasted only 3 years from 1964-1967 – but it became a cultural phenomenon. Base – Gilligan, Skeeter and others stopped on a boat for a 3 hour voyage – three hours – and it wrecked the ship on a desert island. The show is about interactions with hijinks and lively characters of survival, including Professor Roy and a very wealthy couple, Lavi and Thurston Howell III.

After ‘Gilligan’ Dan appeared on several TV shows, including “The Wild Wild West” and “Bonanza”. In total, she has appeared in over 60 series … and also appeared on Broadway and in films.

Dan’s show biz career actually started with a beauty pageant … she was Miss Nevada in the 1959 Miss America pageant.

He founded a company for filmmakers coming to Idaho … called the Spud Film Institute.

There was a really big discussion among ‘Gilligan’ fans while the show was running – i.e., being romantic – the perfect Mary Ann or lovely movie star Ginger.

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Dan married Larry Rosen in the 60s. They divorced 5 years later.

Dawn Age 82.



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