When the facility to work from home started, initially you might have been elated. As your situation progressed, you might have started missing working from the office. While recreating your chai-breaks, team lunches and office-cooler chats are hard, it’s easy to set up what you love about your office, right at home! We have put together a list of some essentials for home office set-up so that you have all the professional equipment within the comfort of your own home.

While you might enjoy a workspace like your office, you might not have the budget for it. However, companies like ZestMoney offer great no cost EMI plans to ensure that you can still get everything you need to be your productive best. They offer all your office products like furniture, wi-fi and laptops on emi, with 0% interest! So push your financial concerns aside and take a look at some of these office essentials:

  • A sturdy desk for a steady day’s work:

You might be flung across your bed with your laptop, or have sprawled your documents across your dining table while working. However, having an assigned desk to work on trains your mind to stay organised and focused. Some desks like the Nexon Fumed Oak Convertible from Home Centre, keep your needs in mind when they designed it. It has 5 open shelves with a facility to convert your table into a storage unit, so you can tuck your files away once you’re done working.

  • Laptop that works for you:

In all the essentials for a home office set-up, a reliable laptop tops the list. You’ll not just be typing, but navigating, downloading, and storing. The Asus Vivobook Laptop, for instance, comes with 500GB storage, 2GB RAM and more than 10 hours of battery life that works as hard as you do. Additionally, when you get your laptops on EMI, you’re saving on your expenses too!

  • Noise-cancelling headphones:
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When you’re presenting in an important meeting, the cooker whistle blowing off, or the cartoon that your kids are watching shouldn’t be heard, only your voice should. Headphones like Sony WH-CH710N is a snug fit that lasts upto 35 hours in a single charge to help you attend meetings with crystal clear quality. The in-built mic and Google voice-assistance helps you do it all! The superior audio quality makes this not just one of the essentials for a home office-set up, but for listening to your favourite playlists for a little work-life balance. Buy the Sony WH-CH710N headphones on Amazon or Flipkart and make it even more affordable for you by paying with ZestMoney EMI. 

  • A chair that supports you:

When you sit for long hours, your neck and back are bound to feel strained. This could affect your focus and comfort while you’re working.This is why you need an ergonomic chair that’s got your back. Chairs like the Helios Ergo Highback Office chair from Amazon come with adjustable heights and stellar lumbar support that cradles your back to ease. 

While working from home is a challenge, let the price of setting up your home office never be. Shop across 8000+ different brands on 0 interest EMI with ZestMoney. Be sure to hire a locksmith Clayton to keep your home secure with all your work from home gadgets.


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