A Trend Worth Following: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

The presence of acai bowls and superfood smoothies packed full of amazing acai berries is on the rise. In fact, if your local cafe isn’t boasting its delicious recipes on a daily, it’s time for a new breakfast spot. Let’s see about the amazing health benefits of Acai berries.

These tasty berries are a growing feature in the health food spotlight and with good reason. With so many benefits for your whole body’s health, indulging in an acai bowl isn’t just for your tastebuds.

So what is it about acai and why should you be including it in your diet? Follow along to discover ten undeniable health benefits of acai. 

1. Manage Cholesterol

If your doctor has been on your case about your bad cholesterol, acai might be the perfect fix. 

Acai berries contain two essential fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial for balanced cholesterol. These two acids, more commonly known as omega 6 and omega 9 work together to maintain and even lower cholesterol levels altogether. 

2. Diabetic-Friendly

Sweet treats are often off of the menu for those dealing with diabetes, however, the opposite is true when it comes to acai. 

Acai berries have a low glycemic index score, making them the perfect treat for any diabetic. But the good news doesn’t stop there. Acai is not only safe for diabetics but actually highly beneficial. Acai has been shown to help maintain a steady glucose level. 

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While not a replacement for proper treatment and management, adding acai to your diabetic diet is a no-brainer. 

3. Weight Loss Wonder

Losing weight requires dedication to healthy eating and exercise. Unfortunately, steering clear of sugar-packed and fatty foods can be incredibly tough when cravings kick in. 

While acai berries don’t magically melt away fat, they are a great option for curbing those junk food cravings. This is largely due to stabilized glucose levels mentioned above. 

Because your blood sugar isn’t skyrocketing and crashing with every sweet indulgence, the need for a quick sugary pick-me-up is reduced. So next time your office kitchen is filled with donuts and sugary treats, pick yourself up a delicious acai smoothie and kick the diet-breaking cravings to the curb. 

4. Improve Cognitive Function

One of the most impressive health benefits of acai is its potential to keep your mind healthy and young. Acai is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants that have actually been shown to help improve memory. 

Beyond this, studies have suggested that eating acai berries can actually help counteract damaging effects of aging in the brain such as inflammation and oxidation. The superfood even stimulates a ‘housekeeping’ response that triggers the brain to clean up any toxin or non-functioning cells that are sitting stagnant. 

This housekeeping results in a clearer pathway for communication and cognitive function, keeping your brain as clean and clear as it was when you were young!

5. Healthy Heart

Speaking of antioxidants, acai contains a specific antioxidant called anthocyanin. This is the same antioxidant that is found in red wine, leading millions to believe a glass of wine is good for the heart. 

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If red wine isn’t your cup of tea, acai is the perfect replacement. Whether you stop at a cafe for an acai treat or mix organic acai into your smoothies at home, the presence of the powerful heart-healthy antioxidant is a welcome addition. 

In addition to this, the controlled cholesterol levels mentioned earlier also contribute to better heart health. 

6. Immune System Supercharge

Your immune system is responsible for staving off colds and promoting the healthy turnover of cells in the body. 

Acai berries contribute to a healthy immune system by offering a key ingredient in the immunity puzzle called polyphenolic compound. This compound has been shown to help reduce the development of malfunctioning or abnormal cells. 

While acai berries can’t be deemed a treatment or cure for abnormal cell development diseases such as cancer, there are studies in place to examine the impact of acai on tumor growth. 

7. Fight Off Harmful Organisms

On top of the benefits for your immune system, acai extract has been revealed as a powerful organism fighter in the body. 

When unfamiliar and harmful organisms enter the body, the powerful components of acai band together to help the body destroy the intruder. 

Simply put, next time a sore throat or sniffly nose rears its ugly head, reach for your acai berries and kiss sick days goodbye!

8. Optimal Digestion

Constantly struggling with belly bloat and poor digestion? Perhaps it’s time for a detox. 

Acai is commonly featured in detox juices and smoothies for its incredible detoxifying abilities. That’s right, this detox berry is no scam!

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Along with its ability to keep your heart and brain healthy and fit, acai can actually help to flush out your system to clear a way for healthy digestion. Your clear and functional digestive tract can then absorb nutrients from your food, including the quality fiber found in acai berries. 

Not only will your digestive tract be clean and clear, but your body will also be more regular, leaving you feeling healthy and light!

9. Energy Boost

While these wonder berries are hard at work improving your organ function and boosting your overall health, you may begin to notice distinct differences in your energy levels. 

Since your body is no longer bogged down trying to manage all of these slowed functions, you can often experience a decrease in side effects such as fatigue. 

As your health improves, you can begin to enjoy a more alert, awake, and refreshed feeling that takes you much further through the day.

10. Beautiful Skin

The benefits of acai are not only inside. While your daily dose of acai has been improving your insides, your outsides are beginning to glow.

Those antioxidants that are so good for your heart are also powerful ingredients for your skin. The consumption of the berries acts as a natural anti-aging potion while oil extract from the berries can be used to cleanse and moisturize for beautiful looking and feeling skin. 

Acai Berries for Every Body

No matter what health benefits you are after, acai berries have it all. From your heart to your skin and everything in between, you can trust your daily does of acai to do the trick.

Want to learn more about nutrition and how superfoods like acai impact your health? Check out our other articles to discover all you need to know for a happy, healthy body.


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