Tyson Fury looks set to fight Dillian Whyte


Tyson Fury has been trying to arrange his next fight for quite some time now with a few different fighters and no one is yet to accept the challenge and fight the world heavyweight champion. Across the betting sites not on gamstop different odds are being put on for which boxer Fury will step into the ring with next and a few different contenders are being bet on to fight him. Fury is ready to fight anyone with him calling out all the other heavyweights in the division.

Whom will Fury fight next?

Fury looks set to fight Dillian Whyte, but this is yet to be confirmed with Whyte’s camp being very quiet over the public challenges from Fury. Tyson Fury has been posting a lot of social media videos over the past few weeks calling out other heavyweight fighters as no one seems to want to step up and fight him for the belts. Fury has been in great form recently so you can see why some of the other heavyweights are a bit reserved to fight him due to him being in the best form and shape of his life right now. Whyte looks to be the only heavyweight who looks to want to challenge Fury with the others like Joshua and Usyk being quiet over the matter.

Fury vs Whyte looks set to be arranged this year with a destination and date needing to be confirmed and the contracts signed from both boxers. Boxing fans around the world want to see this fight go ahead as there have been heated words exchanged between the pair for quite some years now so it will be good for both boxers to put words to one side and let their boxing skills do the talking.

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Tyson has been training hard every day to make sure that he is ready to fight anyone at any given date with him mentioning that he could be ready to fight anyone in a matter of days. Fury is currently in the best form of his life with him recently putting in a lot of work on his body and his mind after overcoming a mental health battle he now seems to be back to his best and even better than before.

So, hopefully, we will see the fight arranged for a later date this year to give boxing fans something to look forward to.


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