How The Online Poker Industry Continues To Grow


Despite still being tightly regulated, the US gambling industry has seen unprecedented growth over the last several years. It saw revenue of over $44 billion for the first time ever in 2021, despite many venues being closed or restricted for at least part of the year. This has been fueled not only by a return to in-person Online Cricket Betting ID but also by a growth in the online poker industry in the country.

When the US casino industry was effectively shut down at the start of the pandemic, fans looked for an alternative to help them pass the time stuck inside. Many found a home in online poker, as well as other online games which have prospered over the past few years. We’ve talked about how online gaming and betting might have unexpected benefits for players, but this is just the start of what is driving the increase in online poker. In fact, the movement to the online version of the game has been on the cards for a while now.

Why is online poker so attractive to players even now that in-person venues are up and running again? We’ve got a few reasons for its recent growth.
Ease of Use
While nothing can completely replace the experience of hitting the casino floor with friends and family for a night of fun, there is something deeply appealing about being able to play your favorite games from your own home. Turns out, there are also some key advantages as well. Playing online poker is simply easier than playing in person. Anyone can get into online poker; even knowledge of poker hand rankings isn’t needed as the software will do it for you.
Online Poker is Spreading
Though it was effectively banned after a court ruling in 2010, online poker didn’t stay illegal for long. Since then, several states have passed laws specifically to regulate and tax online poker outlets. The most recent of these, Michigan, was as recent as 2019. Other states, such as California and New York, have online poker bills in their legislation that are being debated and put to a vote in the next few years. The outcome of these law changes is still up in the air but each state that legalizes online poker opens the game up to millions more potential players and further fuels the game’s growth.
Changing Attitudes Toward Gambling
Gambling has always been a hot topic in the US, but the chill that many state regulators have had toward it has slowly been thawing over the past few years. Most recently, the state of New York has legalized sports betting. Residents of the state have reportedly wagered more than $2 billion since online sports betting was legalized in 2018. This generates huge amounts of tax revenue for the state, funding schools, police, and public works. Seeing these kinds of numbers can help convince other states of the benefits of legalizing other types of online gaming, including online poker. This slowly changes the overall perception of games like online poker and could open the door to more states opening their borders to it.

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