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Diablo 3 Reddit Questions

A very large group on the Diablo 3 development team went to Reddit [Diablo 3 reddit] today for questions about the recently released Diablo 3. There are eight people to answer questions, including game designers, artists, writers, tire designers, and software engineers.

Newbie question (solo too easy?)

So I’ve never played any Diablo game (wasn’t allowed to as a kid)Loving it. Love looters like this. But I never get close to death. I’m only a level 21 barbarian. I don’t think I’ve ever died or even needed potions. Most of the time I can get swarmed and use some combos to kill them all. Am I doing something wrong?


LoLReiver : turn up the difficulty

rasselas1024: OP: I’m not afraid!

Yoda: You will be. You will be.

Elbastarda: This… You will die, trust me. Just give it time.

Question about multiple seasonal characters

My first season 22 character is my Crusader, finished all 4 chapters of the seasonal challenges and got the gear. I wanted to start a new seasonal Necromancer, but when I did and checked the seasonal challenges it says they’ve already been completed, thus locking me out of the seasonal Necromancer gear? Am I missing something? Any and help will be appreciated!


otakumegane: You can only claim haedrig’s gift (the rewards) once each season, meaning you cannot get it on other characters. If you want to gear up your second character, I would recommend grinding for blood shards on your first character (crusader) then rolling for items on your second character (necromancer). Running Rifts and Greater rifts and doing bounties for materials and other loot also helps in general

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What are the odds of getting the same legendary 4 times in a row?

While trading in some blood shards i got the justice lantern ring not once but 4 times almost back to back.


JjuicyFruit: This is ten percent luck

Twenty percent skill

Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

Five percent pleasure

Fifty percent pain

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name

puce_glitz: It’s very common, I regularly get multiples with Kadala and also when upgrading rares with Kanai.

DVDIESEL: Rings have pretty bad RNG.

They also seem to always drop what you don’t need for your class/build.

Horadic cache questions

o if you obtain a horadic cache in normal mode, and then switch to torment XVI manually, does the loot change with the difficulty Change such as getting ancient or better legendary chance?


Jbsg_0818: Nah, drop chances, etc. are determined by the level at which the cache was awarded, not the level you open it at.

captaintagart: What it I do 3 bounties on, say, torment 6, it’s super easy so I up my torment to 8 and finish the last 2 bounties off. The chest is based on a majority of bounties at T6 or level I finished at?


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