Home Sports Olympic swimming champion identified among those who stormed the Capitol

Olympic swimming champion identified among those who stormed the Capitol


Some media outlets have noted Olympic swimming champion, American Klete Keller, among participants at the Capitol attack.

January 6 – the day the US Congress was due to approve the results of the last presidential election and officially declared Democrat Joe Biden that Trump’s winning supporters flocked to the Capitol. The conference was interrupted for several hours. At least five people have been killed in the riots.

In a Capitol video, a man was seen wearing an American national team jacket, when other media outlets, especially Swimming World, saw Keller. Sources confirmed the publication that the 38-year-old athlete was in Capitol. At the same time, it is known that Keller did not show any violence in the video.

A video posted by a journalist from the antique shop, Townhall, appeared to show Keller six feet tall on top of a crowd pushing against police trying to clear Capitol Rotunda.

Several of his teammates and coaches said they saw Keller in the video because of his size and because he was wearing a U.S. team jacket. The Olympics had a “USA” printed on the back and undersleeves. The blue face covered his neck, made his face look good.

The swimming news site, SimsSwam, first reported Keller’s presence in the Capitol riot on Monday. The video has been circulating in the swimming community since last week, and few people who have seen it are reported to have reported Keller to authorities.

Klete Keller was part of the U.S. team. The Olympics in 2000, 2004, and 2008. He twice won the Games as a member of the 200-meter dash across the country. The swimmer has won the World Championships several times, but only one gold medal in his career was won in Moscow in 2002, winning the 200-meter freestyle in shallow water.



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