Georgia Senate runoff election: Live results and news



Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager, just delivered what he said would be the final briefing from the Georgia secretary of state’s office for the night.

Sterling said overall, it looks like they have about 27,600 or so advance votes to come in. About 19,000 will come in from DeKalb County and about 7,000 from Coffee County. He added that there will be a hodgepodge of other votes in other locations. 

There is a small list of incomplete counties: Appling, Bibb, Camden, Cobb, Coffee, DeKalb, Douglas, Floyd, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Houston, Lumpkin, Newton and Pickens.

Sterling said there were 1,244,374 votes cast on Election Day, which is more than they anticipated.

He also said the secretary of state’s office asked counties to please finish processing absentee ballots that were received on Election Day by lunchtime Wednesday.

On Chatham County, Sterling said they did not just stop counting for the night, and he explained they have counted everything they have.

Chatham has a unique system — they have both a Board of Elections and a Board of Registrations. The Board of Registration gets the ballots in, accepts them, then hands them to Board of Elections to count them. Out of abundance of looking out for employees, they will allow the registration group to finish their work tonight, then hands over in the morning for the Board of Elections to finish. What’s left is the absentee ballots that came in today via mail and drop box. 

“In terms of the amount of votes that are potentially out there are coming from largely Democratic counties, there are some Republican counties – Floyd, Forsyth, Appling – but they are smaller in comparison to DeKalb’s, Gwinnett’s, Cobb’s and Fulton’s,” Sterling said. “That tells you that the outstanding will likely be leaning Democrat at best.”

Sterling said he believes there will be a midmorning update Wednesday.

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